Dedicated to bringing quality young horses up to the highest levels in the sport of show jumping.


Katherine Gallagher and Michael Meller

Partnership & Vision 

Seven years ago, Michael Meller and Katherine Gallagher met through a mutual friend. Since then, the two have formed a close relationship, which has allowed great success in their business ventures. In addition to their string of young horses in Europe, which they own in conjunction with Ireland's Dan Walsh as E2 Show Jumpers, the duo has partnered on many up-and-coming North American horses, including Carneyhaugh Manx and Robin de Ponthual. 

A former rider himself, Meller is now known in the equestrian industry as a trainer who knows a good horse. Having helped produce a number of top young jumpers, Meller has a keen eye for seeing a horse's potential and helping it rise to the occasion. 

Gallagher started riding when she was young, and since then, has been dedicated to the sport and the welfare of the horses. She has enjoyed watching the horses grow to their full potential through Meller's program. For many years Gallagher has worked hard to ensure the best care for each horse and that they move on to well matched owners.

With rider Peter Lutz in the saddle, Gallagher and Meller strive to positively impact the future of show jumping by breeding, training and showing some of the top young horses in the world. By putting the horses first, Gallagher and Meller take a careful approach to training, paying attention to the specific needs of each horse as it advances from the Young Jumpers to the CSI5* level. Offspring of their program include Waterloo, Carneyhaugh Manx and Robin de Pontual.

Lutz began riding he was 10 year old in Fairfield, Connecticut. His junior career included winning the ASPCA MAclay Finals and the USET Talent Search Finals, as well as being the American Horse Show Association Junior Rider of the Year in 1992. During college, he worked for Judy Richter and Andre Dignelli, as well as Gerhert Etter in Switzerland. After graduating from Yale University, he went on to work privately for the Edelman Family and the Goutal Family before founding his own business, Davenport Stables. In March of 2014, he began working with Meller.